Top 10 Most Unusual Extraordinary Monster Habits of Rottweiler Dog Breeds in USA

Rottweilers, often perceived as fierce and intimidating, are loyal and intelligent companions known for their distinctive behaviors and unique habits. These habits, while sometimes perplexing, contribute to the charm and complexity of this beloved breed. Here are the top 10 most unusual and extraordinary monster habits of Rottweilers in the USA.

Shadowing Their Owners

Rottweilers are known to follow their owners everywhere, acting as if they are their shadow. This habit, rooted in their protective instincts, often leads to them being referred to as “velcro dogs.” Their constant need to be near their humans can be endearing, yet sometimes overwhelming.

Leaning for Affection

Rottweilers have a peculiar habit of leaning against their owners to show affection. This behavior, known as “Rottie Lean,” is their way of seeking closeness and reassurance. It’s a subtle but powerful sign of their bond with their family members.

Grumbling Talkers

These dogs often make a variety of grumbling noises that can sound like growls, but in reality, it’s their way of communicating happiness, excitement, or even frustration. Understanding these vocalizations is key to interpreting their moods and needs.

Carrying Objects in Their Mouths

Rottweilers have a natural inclination to carry things around in their mouths. Whether it’s a toy, a shoe, or a random household item, this habit stems from their herding background, where they were used to moving cattle and needed to use their mouths for control.

Intense Eye Contact

This breed is known for maintaining deep, intense eye contact. While some might find this unnerving, for Rottweilers, it’s a way to establish connection and communicate with their owners. This habit is a testament to their intelligence and desire for interaction.

Guarding Behavior

Rottweilers have an inherent guarding instinct that often manifests in them watching over their family members and property with great diligence. This behavior can sometimes lead to them being overly protective, necessitating proper training and socialization.

Hoarding Toys and Items

Rottweilers sometimes exhibit hoarding behavior, where they collect and stash away toys and other items in specific spots. This habit is a playful expression of their resourceful nature and can be managed with proper organization and training.

Snoring and Heavy Breathing

Due to their robust build and short snout, Rottweilers often snore loudly and breathe heavily. While this can be alarming to new owners, it’s usually normal and a part of their physical makeup. However, it’s always wise to monitor for any signs of distress.

Pawing for Attention

A Rottweiler might use its paws to tap or nudge its owner to get attention or express a need. This habit, while sometimes intrusive, is their way of communicating and should be addressed with positive reinforcement to manage the behavior effectively.

Obsessive Water Play

Many Rottweilers have a surprising love for water. They can become fixated on playing with water from hoses, sprinklers, or even puddles. This unusual habit showcases their playful side and can be a great way to keep them active and entertained.


Rottweilers, with their extraordinary habits, are a breed full of surprises and complexities. Their unique behaviors, while sometimes puzzling, are expressions of their intelligence, loyalty, and playful nature. Understanding these habits can help owners foster a deeper bond and ensure a happy, healthy relationship with their Rottweiler.


Are Rottweilers good family pets?

Yes, with proper training and socialization, Rottweilers can be excellent family pets, known for their loyalty and protective nature.

Why do Rottweilers lean against their owners?

Rottweilers lean against their owners to show affection and seek reassurance, a behavior known as the “Rottie Lean.”

How do I manage my Rottweiler’s guarding behavior?

Proper training, socialization, and positive reinforcement are key to managing a Rottweiler’s guarding behavior effectively.

Is it normal for Rottweilers to snore?

Yes, due to their robust build and short snout, snoring is common among Rottweilers. However, monitor for any signs of distress or breathing issues.

Why does my Rottweiler carry objects in its mouth?

Carrying objects in their mouths is a natural behavior for Rottweilers, rooted in their herding background where they used their mouths to control cattle.

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