Rarest to Most Common Colors of Papillon


Sable Papillons feature a base color tipped with black hairs, creating a beautiful contrast.

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White & Black

Classic and timeless, white with black markings is a common and striking Papillon color combination.

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Red & White

Vibrant red patches on a white base create a bold and eye-catching coat pattern in Papillons.

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Tricolor Papillons sport black, white, and tan markings, showcasing a harmonious blend of colors.

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Brown & White

Brown markings on a white coat offer a warm and earthy charm to Papillons.

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Black & Tan

Black with tan markings create a striking contrast, highlighting the Papillon's graceful lines.

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Red Sable

Red sable Papillons feature a rich red base with black-tipped hairs, creating a luxurious appearance.

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Brindle Papillons display a pattern of tiger-like stripes in various shades, adding a unique twist to their coat.

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